Lily Drone Camera Will Automatically Follow You for the Coolest Sports Shots

The Lily is as much of a camera as it is a quadcopter. Its resolution is a bit lower than what you see with bigger drones, but you still get 1080, 60fps video when you want it and 12MP photos on demand, with image stabilization and other handy features. The drone itself is made rom black polycarbonate and aluminum. Throw it up in the air (while it’s on please) and it will automatically start recording new video while following you around.

That following takes place thanks to other part of Lily, which is a sensor that you put in your pocket and snap onto your wrist. Lily will track that sensor and hover above to snap photos or video. It can go as far as 50 feet about your head and as fast as 25 mph, with other safety parameters built in to avoid crashing down into your forehead.


You can use the accompanying app to change various settings, make custom shots, and share video. The drone is also sensor rich, with an accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, and GPS.

So, Lily is a neat little drone for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time flying drones – but what exactly does it do for you? The idea seems to be a drone version of GoPro, where Lily swoops around you and takes pictures as you run, climb, and snowboard…as long as you do it all under 25 mph.