We are happy to announce that Kaarun ranked among the top 30 out 680 at the Web Summit’s Worlds Hardest Working Startup Contest. Thank you for the great support! Don’t forget to follow @appKaarun on Twitter for the latest updates from Web Summit 2013 Dublin!

What is Web Summit?

Web Summit is the no:1 Startup-Investor meeting event in Europe. This year the Web Summit will be welcoming 9834 attendees from 97 countries around the world. That’s more than double the number of people who attended last year’s event, making the Web Summit twenty times bigger than what it was in 2010.

872 early stage startups will be exhibiting at the Web Summit 2013. The top 5 industries represented by 662 exhibiting companies are: Enterprise, Social, Mobile, Media, Ecommerce and Education. We’re also proud to be greeting 147 exhibiting companies from the Hardware, Finance, Health, and Gaming industries.

One third of the Web Summit attendee list for 2013 is made up of Entrepreneurs, and one quarter of attendees come from the Startup community. Completing the attendee list, Developers and Service providers each comprise just over 10% of attendees, with just under 10% of attendees describing themselves as Media or Investors.