Project Description

Project Brief

Babakoti is here to produce computer games on mobile devices, social networks and internet using creative ideas. To protect our innovative approach, we use methods like brainstorming, mind mapping and dreaming or we just make something up using our (sugar/chocolate coated) high-powered imagination.
Babakoti entertains! 
We are here to entertain people from lips to heart, from Tokyo to Nokia, from Facebook to Ayşe and from dusk to till dawn.

Eskimo Ice Fishing

Ice fishing game for mobile phones

Letter Strome

Letter Storme is flash game for kids to improve their keyboard typing skills.

Babakoti entertains!

Comet Huter is a voice activated space war game. For shotin different guns you have yo change your voice.


Enercin is a web based flash game for developing energy efficiency awareness. You can get the logic of how to save energy at home and office by opening/closing lights, air-condition, windows, heating due to people count inside the rooms.