Project Description

Kaarun recommends gifts and various products from hundreds of online stores based on your or your friends interests and likes, with clean design and easy use.


With a simple click of facebook connect button, can sign up to Kaarun and get your facebook friends list instantly, with in the order of their birthdays.

Get Ideas

Select your profile or one of your friends profile to get what they like and recomended products that you can actually buy. If you know your friend better than his/her facebook account you can make searches. Reccomandations are collected from hundereds of differend online stores so you don’t have to spend all your time in research.

Buy Locally

First thing first Kaarun does not sell any products so we don’t need your creditcard information or any other detail. The porducts recommended form your countries online stores. Kaarun supports multiple languages and various countries.



The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Team Work

Kaarun has a well motivated team members who very much likes to work together and are passioned.

Bussinnes Plan

The Project’s bussiness plan is one of the advantages which make great difference.

High-Tech Coding

Java, Crawlers, MongoDB etc. We used finest coding techs which suitable the most.


We followed and executed the Lean Startup stragy on Kaarun.

Important Note

This project paused according to our businnes plan.

Please contact us for more information about Kaarun.