Project Description

Project Brief

XPMS is an engineering automation tool that aims to eliminate many of the most labor-intensive and error-prone tasks of EWIS costing without compromising complete accuracy. To handle such a complex process which continuously needs to be fed high volume of data coming  from design and manufacturing engineers, customers, sales people, production planning staff and others, XPMS introduces an integrated solution for tracking and managing following tasks;

  • Projects
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Region & Country & Plant based rates
  • Currencies & Exchange
  • Copper Rates
  • Component Cost & Price
  • Wire Cost & Price
  • Labor Time & Cost
  • Timing & Release cycle
  • Harnesses
  • Change Requests & Status Tracking


The dynamics of design and configuration complexity,  project time scale, regulations, frequent change requests, varying factory capabilities,  rapidly changing copper prices and exchange rates create a real challange for harness manufacturing in terms of performance, quality and profitability.  Considering these factors XPMS may help

  • On-demand accurate, tunable harness and change quotations
  • Increased time and opportunity for more detailed cost studies
  • Automated document generation
  • Bulk data import and export
  • Decreasing the dependency of in-house applications that are hard to maintain and adapt new requirements.
  • Regularly updated software that leverages new technologies and improves over time
  • Data validation and error correction time reductions
  • Reduced engineering cost
  • Faster response times to change requests or regulation updates
  • Increased productivity via reusable data
  • More control over the process via e-mail notifications of (only important) events occuring at any stage and under any responsibility.
  • Forcing engineers to track ‘‘what happened when’’ and ‘‘why was that happened’’ questions on a centralized system instead of e-mail junks.