Project Description

Project Brief

Energy Audit is an examination of conservation of energy in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy incoming to the system without any change in the amount of yields. In other words, energy audit is an application which is made to control energy consumption and determine energy saving mechanisms.

Energy audit project of “TAV Ankara Esenboğa Domestic and International Airport with DHMI buildings” is the first and biggest energy audit project for an airport in Turkey.

Main goal for this project is to analyse energy consumptions and find out energy saving opportunuites. For this purpose we detailly analized 264.789 m². Heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems were examined.

This project delivered to “Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning”. We worked together with “General Directorate Of State Airports Authority(DHMI)” and “TAV Airports”.

Involved Parties

First Airport Energy Audit Project in Turkey!

Esenboğa Airport

Domestic and international terminals of TAV Esenboğa Airtport came into service in 2006. The airport has 182.000 m² terminal area, 108.000 m² parking lot in total 290.000 m² in use. About 7000 people works 24/7.  Esenboğa, has capacity of 20 Million passengers annually and in 2014, had about 11 million passengers.

In this project we detally examined  service stations, domestic and international terminals, aprons, hangars and service buildings.

With energy efficiency measures, energy consumption can be reduced to 80%.

Mesasurements & Analysis

  • Heat loss through building envelope (by using thermal camera and measuring U-value)
  • Thermal performance of windows
  • Determining of efficiency parameters of machinery room (measurement of exhaust gases and temperature, controlling insulation of boilers and pipes)
  • Analyzing the efficiency of cogeneration system
  • Analyzing of electricity consumption
  • Analyzing of efficiency parameters of lighting (measuring lux and controlling efficiency classes of armature)
  • Analyzing of efficiency parameters of electrical device and office equipment (analyzing Standby situation and measuring equipment efficiency)
  • Analyzing energy quality
  • Investigating renewable energy potential
  • Analyzing of chiller unit
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