Research & Innovation

To meet the challenges caused by an increased, continuous demand for energy resources, waning natural resources and climate change, a shift towards a more resource-efficient, circular economy and sustainable development is becoming more crucial than ever. Meanwhile, trends such as the emerging “global warming” and changing energy efficiency demands as new technologies develop, will reshape the world we live in and influence our need for energy resources. The opportunities enabled by emerging technologies, digitization, artificial intelligence (AI) will bring about unforeseeable breakthroughs in technologies and energy use.

Our long-term vision and road-map aims to tap the full potential of energy efficiency and it’s applications to boost capacity of the sector, turning in to a strong, sustainable and environmental challenges and increasing benefits for society.

Our R&D Projects

Bricker Project

BRICKER aims to develop a retrofitting solution package for existing public-owned non-residential buildings in order to achieve a drastic reduction of the energy consumption (beyond 50%) and GHG emissions in this sector.

This retrofitting package is based on:

  • Envelope retrofitting solutions for demand reduction through made-to-measure façades, innovative insulation materials and high performance windows.
  • Zero emissions energy production technologies based on a cogeneration system fed with locally available and clean renewable sources.
  • Integration and operation strategies´ development for the BRICKER Technologies and guidance for design, commissioning and maintenance.


D.R.E.A.M is the orchestration of the power supply & demand by automatically shifting, scheduling or shedding peaks to minimize economic losses, to maximize grid efficiency and to reduce involved GHG emissions, by the help of AI, IoT and smart data.

We are still working on this project at our R&D branch in Ege University Technology development center. Major benefits of this projects are:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Safety Of Energy Supply
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Supply Efficiency
  • Taking Quick Actions
  • Scalability
  • Smart Learning
  • Emission Reduction
  • Electricity Loss Reduction

Carbon Ninja

NRGY.NINJA is an collaborative platform for automating building energy audits including analyzing, reporting and recommending actionable solutions. Building owners, auditors, consultants, contractors and investors can exchange energy renovation related data and spend more time to effectively implement such projects.

Unlike technical tools aiming to complete an audit, NRGY.NINJA is a people centric collaborative tool to allow all stakeholders to take action and follow-up with the EE measures!

  • Building owners can automatically create reports & submit to authorities
  • Utilities can ensure min 1.5% EEO compliance & monitor their progress
  • Contractors can bid on projects and apply for insurance
  • Investors can finance projects leading the transition