Onur Enerji is a technical consultancy company, specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to make the world greener. It is an independent engineering company. Since its inception in 1982, it has always been adapting to the changes of the market and finding better ways to add value.

Onur Enerji was founded in 1982 as an engineering company with an SME status according to the EU norms. The background is mainly engineering consultancy and since 2010 company’s recent focus has been the energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions; however, its software development background is also quite strong.

Currently the company mainly operates with a license provided by the Ministry of Energy (MENR) General Directorate of Renewable Energy (YEGM) in Turkey. In its history, the company culture created spin-off startups operating under different type of licenses from other governmental organizations.

We invest in R&D projects, support public/private training events, sponsor energy efficiency activities and coordinate awareness activities for small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey.

Our company successfully delivered more than 2.000.000 m2 commercial building energy audits, issued more than 5.000.000 m2 energy performance certificates, provided energy management consultancy for big industrial companies consuming more than 120.000 toe (tonne of oil equivalent) annually and conducted spot measurements for industrial SMEs.

We are also successfully delivering simple audits for the finance sector under Green for Growth Fund Technical Assistance Facility (GGF-TAF) and given on site energy efficiency and renewable energy trainings for the financial institutions like Fibabanka, Yapı Kredi Leasing, AkLeasing, Burgan Leasing, Finans-leasing and collaborated with more in ministry roundtables.

We have moved to the ideEge Technopark (Research Park) to do research, development and innovation activities through mutual transfer of know-how and technology.

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Total delivered software projects exceed multimillion LOC (line-of-code) with 10 people team size and 12-36 months duration. Development expertise includes web-based client-server and n-tier enterprise apps. Technologies include

  • programming languages: Java (J2SE, J2EE, J2ME), .NET( .NET Compact Framework), C, C#, VB, JSP, ASP, PHP, Javascript, XML, HTML, Ruby, Delphi, Perl
  • database & application servers: MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, MS ACCESS, AS/400 DB2, Caucho Resin, Apache Tomcat, Websphere Application Server, MS Internet Information Server (IIS), Jetty
  • java & javascript frameworks: JSF, Struts, Pulpcore, Ext-js, Jquery, Mootools, Prototype
  • operating systems: Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu, Centos), Windows 95/NT/98/2000/XP/2003
  • ide, sw engineering & collaboration tools: NetBeans, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, SFEE, Subversion, CVS, Ant, Junit, MS Project, JIRA, CONFLUENCE, Mantis, Bugzilla
  • Enterprise integrations: SAP, Baan, AS/400
  • methodologies: Waterfall, Scrum
  • Various energy efficiency services that include energy auditing, energy management, ISO50001 energy management system auditing and implementation
  • Energy performance certification with BEP-TR1.0 and BEP-TR 2.0 for residential, commercial and non-residential public buildings
  • Verification of EE projects based on provided criteria including emission reduction and estimated savings for financial institutions
  • First heat sales through a solar thermal implementation in a commercial building
  • First commercial scale emission-free tri-generation system in a public hospital in Turkey utilizing solar power as primary heat source
  • Renewable energy project verification including solar and wind
  • Renewable energy trainings for capacity building
  • Execution of the BRICKER project that is an EU funded project under 7th Framework and contribution in the exploiting of the results, simulation works and software development.
  • Participation in of various projects as a supporter, evaluator and contributor executed by Izmir Development Agency, İzmir Institute of Technology, Ege University, 9 Eylul University
  • Ranking 58th in the “Achieved Innovation Results” category of 2015 Top 500 Innovation Index by Turkish Exporters Council (TİM)
  • GBYF (Genç Beyinler Yeni Fikirler), IGAC (International Global Aerospace Conference), GDEV (Google Developer Days) sponsorships
  • Mentorship in various events such as Hack4Energy, Hack4SmartCity, Hack4Wellness, etc for İzmir Institute of Technology, Ege University, 9 Eylul University
  • PFAN Application and mentorship for CleanWave Wave Energy Converter