Project Description

Energy Audits aim to determine current energy consumption, potential savings with financial analysis with detailed reports. We’ve completed detailed energy audits for TAV and DHMİ buildings including domestic and international terminals, service stations, aprons, hangars, and service building. It’s is the biggest energy audit project for an airport in Turkey.

Project Type: Detailed Energy Audit

Report Type: Compatible with local legislation

Number of buildings/flor area: 34 buildings / 290.000 m²

  • Current energy usage

  • Insulation check

  • Electrical analysis

  • Heating equipment check

  • Cooling equipment check

  • Lighting equipment check

  • Motors & related equipment check

  • Energy using equipments check

  • Wall insulation check

  • Roof insulation check

  • Windows insulation check

  • Thermal imaging

  • Pressurized equipment’s check