September 23-27, 2020 ZeroBuild Forum’20 delivers Latest in Building Science combined with real-world application and problem-solving. With simultaneous translations English to Turkish & Turkish to English.

​Our CEO Onur GÜNDURU will speak on 24 Sep. 2020 at 14:00pm.



What is Zero Energy Building?

ero Energy Building is a building that is highly energy efficient and fully powered from on-site and/or off-site renewable energy sources and as well as consumes only as much energy as can be produced through renewable resources over a specified time period.

Principles can be applied to any type of project, including residential, industrial, and commercial applications in both new construction and retrofit.

Energy Efficiency !

Regardless of the definition or metric used, minimizing the energy use through efficient building design is a fundamental criterion and the highest priority of all ZEB projects.

Renewables !

Once efficiency measures have been incorporated, the remaining energy needs can be met using renewable energy technologies.


What is ZeroBuild Virtual Forum?

Experience at your reach!

ZeroBuild Virtual Forum is an end-to-end digital conference on Zero Energy Buildings with exclusive networking opportunities and keynote presentations on how to leverage Zero Energy Building business. You can join virtually at the comfort of your office or home, from a PC or smart device near you, while decreasing your traveling time and cost.

“Delivering net zero carbon buildings for all”, ZeroBuild Virtual Forum is a premier event held in virtual environment dedicated to supporting market transformation towards 100% Zero Energy Buildings.

​Convenes senior private and public sector leaders from across world at an inspiring and practical virtual environment enabling network with top industry leaders through interactive and intuitive capabilities.