The TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, launched in 2018 to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the energy sector, is the first private entrepreneurship acceleration program that focuses on the energy sector.

DREAM, Onur Energy’s new R&D innovation project, is a demand-side energy management project to balance supply and demand in electricity distribution. In the TEA Limak Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, DREAM stands out from more than 100 projects and is among the last 10 projects.

Continuing with the support of Limak Energy and Mentors Network Turkey, TEA Limak Energy Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program DemoDay was held at Kolektif House on December 17. Turkey’s Energy Academy brought together the different initiatives and participants.

Onur Enerji CEO Onur Günduru was on stage for the presentation of the DREAM Project.