Project Description

In Turkey, 47% of net electricity consumption is from the industrial sector, with an estimated 70% of this energy consumption from electric motor-driven systems (EMDS), 90% of which use 3-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors as defined in the EU Eco-design Implementing Measure 640/2009 on electric motors as amended by Implementing Measure 4/20142. Electric motors in Turkey, in general, are not energy efficient. The project aims to promote significant additional investment in industrial energy efficiency in Turkey by transforming the market for energy efficient motors used in small and medium sized enterprises.

This objective will be achieved by strengthening the legislative and regulatory framework related to both new and existing EE motors in Turkey, developing appropriate governance and information infrastructure, upgrading test laboratories at the Turkish Standards Institute (TSI), launching a “one-stop shop” sustainable financial support mechanism (FSM), and developing and implementing a comprehensive public awareness and training programme.

Project News